Gardening with Kids: Theme Gardens for Kids

Theme Gardens for Kids-Painter's PalletTheme Gardens for Kids.

Making a theme garden for kids is a fun activity and a great way to make gardening even more fun. My kids love coming up with new ideas.  There are so many options, too many to list here, but I am going to give you some kid’s theme garden ideas that I have seen and/or used.

I would love to hear about your ideas in the comments.

Use color in your theme garden: Rainbows to Monochromatic, the possibilities are endless. My favorite is a Quilt Garden. See some beautiful ones in Amish Country, Northern Indiana.

Tell a story with your theme garden: Fairy Garden, Fairy Tale/ Storybook Garden, Secret Garden, Thoughtful Spot, Victory Garden, Wedding Garden.

Attract wildlife to your theme garden: Butterfly/Hummingbird Garden, Birdwatchers Garden, Pond Garden, Bee Garden, Wild Flower Garden, Prairie Garden, Rain Garden. Grab some field guides and study the wildlife.

Make your theme garden edible: Pizza Garden, Salsa Garden, Mexican Garden, Italian Garden, Soup and Stew Garden, Bread Garden, Snacker’s Garden, Kitchen Garden, Herbal Tea Garden

Other theme garden ideas: Native Plants, Japanese Garden, Arts and Crafts Garden, Perfume Garden, Bouquet Garden, Medicinal/ Wellness Garden, Mosaic Garden, Painter’s Garden, Heirloom Garden, Money-Making Garden, Rain/Water Garden, Giant Garden, Victory Garden, and more.

Gardening Activities for Kids:

  • Add items from your house to your garden to create your own theme (old toys, shoes/boots, tools, etc.).
  • Write your child’s name with plants or use their favorite shape(s) to make it their own.
  • Make a structure  or hide-out with tall or vining plants on a trellis.  
  • Make a fort with sunflowers, harvest the yummy seeds…make it a different shape each year. 

*Please be aware that some plants are poisonous and take caution.

Okay, I could go on and on, this is so fun!

Do you have a theme garden? Tell me about it.

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