Lemon Lime Soda Jelly

This Lemon Lime Soda Jelly is delicious. I added a fresh lemon and a fresh l fresh lime to the mix  to give it a rich, tangy flavor. It will … [Read more...]

Cream Soda Jelly

Cream soda...do you like yours red or amber colored? I chose the amber colored version for my cream soda jelly. I like the flavor better. Plus, I … [Read more...]

Root Beer Jelly

I know, root beer is not exactly on the healthy side of food preservation and canning, but you have to admit, it’s kind of fun. Plus it makes a great … [Read more...]

Grape Jelly

Grape jelly, especially Concord grape, is one of my kids’ favorite jellies.  We used unsweetened grape juice that was made of a blend of grape … [Read more...]

Storing Canning Jars, Lids, and Rings

It's a bad day in the world of canning when you pull out your stored canning jars and find that little critters have made a home in them. I … [Read more...]

Homemade Pizza Sauce

My kids love pizza and we go through a lot of pizza sauce. I decided it was time to come up with my own pizza sauce recipe. I started to experiment … [Read more...]

How to Make Crab Apple Butter

Crab Apple Butter is a delicious novelty from my homestead. It’s sweet, tart, and has a beautiful pink color. I love giving it as a gift to friends … [Read more...]

Homemade Blueberry Jam

Blueberries are ONE of my favorite berries (it’s hard to pick a favorite). Making them into blueberry jam is the simplest way to preserve them to … [Read more...]

Canning Tomatoes

All fruits and vegetables taste better straight from the garden or fresh from the farmer’s market. This is truer for tomatoes than any other produce. … [Read more...]

Canning Peaches

Canning Peaches is a great way to preserve your own harvest or put up this sweet fruit from your local Farmer's Market. Every year we get many bushels … [Read more...]