Starting Seeds Indoors


Starting seeds

Over the past few weeks, we have been starting seeds to later plant in our vegetable garden.  

The kids love to get involved with this process.  They help plan, plant, and water the seeds and excitement boils when the seedlings start to pop through the soil.

So far, we have started tomatoes: Roma, Big Boy, Better Boy, Early Girl, and Heirloom Cherry…kohlrabi: Purple Vienna…and Peppers: Jalapeño, Pepperoncini, Marconi Red, Cayenne, California Wonder (large bell peppers), and Green Bell Peppers…and Cucumbers: heirloom pickling)…and Cabbage (Red Acre).

We have many more to plant…more on that later!

Every year we set up a table in the family room in front of a large, sunny window just for starting seeds.

starting seeds filling seed starter trays

We start our seeds in seed starter trays using seed starter potting mix or worm castings (when we have some) mixed with a little compost.

starting seeds filling seed starter trays

We use a pencil to make a hole in the soil to the proper planting depth.

starting seeds planting seeds

Then the kids can then go behind us and put a seed or two in each hole.


starting seeds using spray bottle to water

Once the seedlings come up. The best way we have found to water our little plants, in a gentle way, is by using a spray bottle.  This is to  another thing our kids enjoy doing.

We put the clear lids on the seed starter trays until the seedlings pop through the soil.  As the seedlings grow, we move them to a little larger pots.  Then, they take small trips outside on warm days to be hardened-off (See Hardening Off Seedlings).  

What method do you use for starting seeds? Have you started seeds for your garden yet?

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  1. There is nothing quite so disappointing as working for many weeks to get your little plant going and then having it wiped out when you go to put it in the ground. We put together an aquaponics system last year so I am going to try my “babies” in there this year.

    • Thanks for stopping by!
      I have definitely experienced that, lost a lot of plant babies in my lifetime. Would love to try an aquaponics system. I hear they work quite well. Over the years, I have also found out that some seeds just don’t tolerate being started indoors and die no matter how hard you try.

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