What We Plant in Our Vegetable Garden

Our Vegetable GardenNo food in the world tastes better than the food you grow in your own vegetable garden.

We have planted a vegetable garden on our homestead every year, for as many years I can remember.  I love having produce, fresh from the garden, to cook with.  Plus, I enjoy having canned, frozen, or dried fruits and vegetables that came from our garden all year long.

We are getting ready to plan this year’s vegetable garden.  As we were looking over last year’s crops, we thought it would be fun to share.

Here are some of the vegetables we planted in last year’s vegetable garden:

Sweet Corn


Green Beans


Green Bell Peppers

Cayenne Peppers


Butternut Squash

Summer and Zucchini Squash

Peas-Shelling and Sugar Snap


Bunching Onions

Yellow and Red Onions

Check out “Grow Things You Can Eat” for kids, under “Gardening with Kids.”

Follow our homesteading journey in the Vegetable Garden!

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