What We Planted in Our Herb Garden

Fresh herbs make every dish taste better!

I love to cook, and having fresh herbs available to me makes cooking so much more fun.  We  transplanted/planted our herb garden early in the Spring.  I can’t believe how well it has done in its new location. The new spot has more sunshine and is a lot dryer than the old location. I think these improvements will make this garden grow like crazy.

Here is what we planted in our herb garden:

Herb garden: sweet basil

Sweet Basil

Two-Toned Basil

Herb Garden: Purple Basil

Purple Basil

Herb Garden: Chamomile


Herb Garden: Chives


Herb Garden: Flat Garlic Chives

Flat Garlic Chives

Herb Garden: Dill


Herb Garden: Lavender


Herb Garden: Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

Herb Garden: Marjoram


Herb Garden: Mint


Herb Garden: Oregano


Herb Garden: Curled Parsley

Curled Parsley

Herb Garden: Rosemary


Herb Garden: Sage


Herb Garden: Savory


Herb Garden: Tarragon


Herb Garden: Thyme


Herb Garden: Lemon Thyme

Lemon Thyme

What herbs do you grow in your herb garden?

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  1. We live in a rental house and have to container our herbs but I am having the hardest time with my sweet basil. It will grow tall, all the leaves will die from the bottom to about half way up, they look pitiful. Any suggestions?

    • I had the same problems when I planted basil in containers. I found that basil likes their space, so planting less plants in one container is best. The leaves dieing from the bottom may be from lack of sunshine, other plants could be blocking the sunlight.
      Another tip, pinch off the tops (or blooms) as they appear, before they flower, to keep your plant “bushy” rather than “leggy” and harvest the leaves often. I hope this is helpful!

  2. Lovely! As I scrolled I tried to see if I knew what the pictures were of before I saw the name.

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