Noticing Nature-Creating a Nature Journal

Nature Journal-Butterfly on Butterfly Bush

Creating a Nature Journal/Nature Scavenger Hunt

Mama’s Homestead offers Classes to people who live in the Northeastern Columbus, Ohio area.  This class is for ages 7 to 10.  Minimum of 4 students per group, maximum of 12. The cost is $18.00 per participating student. This class lasts between one and two hours.  To schedule a group for classes, please email us at

In this class, we will learn about the world around us as we Noticing Nature-Creating a Nature Journal.

We will start our time with a short lesson on noticing details in nature.  Students will learn how to see the little things in the outdoors they wouldn’t normally notice. 

Next, they go outside to use their new skills on our Noticing Nature Scavenger Hunt.  Along with putting items on the scavenger hunt list in a bag, as part of the ‘hunt,’ they will record some of their finds on paper to share with the group and use in their journal.

*Before we head outside, we will go over the items and plants that can and cannot be touched and/or eaten in nature.  For extra protection, please wear long pants, socks, and close-toed shoes.

They bring their treasures and creations inside to share and talk about what they found. Then, they will use art journaling techniques to start a nature journal. Nature Journaling is a fun, creative way to express what you learn in the outdoors. 

They will learn how to do bark/leaf rubs, sketch, press flowers/leaves, make pigment art, and nature paint prints, They will clip pictures from magazines, write down things they see and hear, and questions they have, and more.

Here are two simple samples of some of the things the kids will be doing:

Nature Journal-Sassafras

 Nature Journal-Monarch Butterflies

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