Nature Bracelets

Nature BraceletMaking Duct Tape Nature Bracelets can be a fun activity for nearly any age child.

It’s fun to see all the different combinations and patterns of nature items the kids come up with. We have done this with preschoolers through teens.

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What you will need to make Nature Bracelets:

  • Duct tape, any color will do. We used camouflage, just to give them an outdoor look.
  • Miscellaneous tiny items from the outdoors, these might include; small acorns and other nuts, pine needles, small pine cones,  small flowers, flower petals, small leaves, and feathers. You can gather these items ahead of time (good idea for younger kids), or send the child out to find them.

How to Make Nature Bracelets:

Measure your child’s wrist (where they would wear a bracelet) and cut or tear a piece of duct tape about an inch longer than that measurement. If you are really talented at guestimating, you can just tear off a piece you think is right and move on.

Duct Tape Collage SmallWrap the piece of duct tape around the child’s wrist, wrong side out so the sticky part is on the outside. Tape it to itself loosely, but not so loosely that it slips off. I put my finger behind the tape as I wrap it around as a guide.

Start sticking nature items on the duct tape. Keep sticking them on until no more duct tape shows or until no more will stick.

*Have an adult carefully cut them off the wrist when you are ready to discard them.

Genesis 1:11-12 Then God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees on the earth bearing fruit after their kind with seed in them”; and it was so. The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed after their kind, and trees bearing fruit with seed in them, after their kind; and God saw that it was good.

3 Fun Ideas:

Make a nature hike even more fun. Put the duct tape on your child’s wrist, just before the hike. As you hike through the woods, gather items as you go and stick them to your bracelet. *Be sure to check with the hiking trail owner to be sure you are allowed to take items form the property.

Make it a scavenger hunt. Make a list items to find to stick on the tape and give the kids a time limit to find them all. This can even be fun in your own back yard or at a park.

For younger kids, you can set out trays with like items in them. For instance, a tray of feathers, a tray of flowers, a tray of leaves, etc. (all different kinds/sizes of the same items), talk about each tray. How are the items alike? How are they different?

What ideas do you have? Share more fun nature activities in the comments.




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    I would love to learn some of these things. I would like to know more about food preservation, crafts, nature and more. Thanks a lot for sharing your ideals.

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