Gardening with Kids: Make Gardening a Tradition

Gardening Purple Iris

I plan to make gardening (and homesteading) a tradition in my family.

Gardening has been passed down in our family, from generation to generation.  I helped my grandparents in their garden.  My kids help their grandparents and me in our gardens.  I plan to have my grandkids in my garden with me.

I think the best way to make gardening a tradition is simple, get out there and garden.  If you have no space outside; garden inside, visit other gardens in your neighborhood, visit parks, go to nature centers, and talk about gardening with your kids.

Just like the traditions you have with holidays throughout the year, make gardening customary.  We decorate eggs at Easter, honor mothers on Mother’s Day with flowers, celebrate July 4th with fireworks, give thanks with a meal for Thanksgiving, celebrate Christmas by giving gifts.  Celebrate Spring by starting a garden.

Make gardening a tradition by incorporating gardening in to your other traditions throughout the year.  For each holiday, we can incorporate something from the garden:

Color eggs with natural dyes from your garden. Find out how to do that in this book: How To Color Easter Eggs Naturally by Miriam Kinai

Receive a beautiful purple Iris from your child’s garden for Mother’s Day.

Make a red, white, and blue flower garden for July 4th.

Use fresh or dried herbs from your herb garden in your Thanksgiving meal.

Give gifts of your harvest such as jams, jellies, butters, other canned goods, potpourris, homemade soaps, crafts, etc. for Christmas gifts.

These are only a few of the holidays we celebrate every year.  Talk about these holidays and others with your kids and make a plan every Spring.

We have always tried to incorporate all of my previous tips on growing gardeners as we garden with our kids.  My kids are already well on their way to having a love for gardening. I can’t wait to make this year’s plan.

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