Machine Sewing Kit

Machine Sewing KitMachine Sewing Kit, and Addition to the Basics

When you are ready to start sewing with a sewing machine you will need some more sewing notions and tools to go along with your Basic Sewing Kit. Many of these will come with your sewing machine. Here is a list of items you will need for your Basic Machine Sewing Kit to get you started:

Sewing Machine- Of course, if you will be sewing on a sewing machine, you will need one.

Sewing Machine Needles- These are special needles that fit sewing machines. Be sure you buy the right size and kind for your specific machine and the fabric you will be sewing. 

A variety pack of sewing machine needles is a great way to start, until you figure out what kinds of fabric you will be sewing on the most. Most packages come with and assortment of sizes that are numbered and color-coded. The lower numbers are smallest and as the number goes up, so does the needle size. Higher number needles are better for heavier fabrics and lower needles are best for light-weight fabrics. Sizes 10 to 12 are suitable for most projects.

Bobbins- With a sewing machine you have two threads that interlock (an upper thread and a lower thread) to make a stitch. A bobbin is a tiny spool of thread that fits into the bottom of your machine. Most machines come with some bobbins to get you started, but it is good to have multiple empty bobbins handy to fill with each new thread color you will need.

Presser Foot- Your sewing machine should come with a basic presser foot. This foot holds your fabric stable while you are sewing.

Zipper Foot- When putting in a zipper, this foot is a must. Like the presser foot, it helps to stabilize your fabric while you are sewing, plus allows you to get extra close to the zipper teeth. I have also used my zipper foot for making piping and cording.

Note: There are many other feet you can add to your sewing kit to go with your machine that are fun to play with after you get used to these.

Small Flat Head Screwdriver- This tiny tool is a must-have in your machine sewing kit. Most sewing machines come with one. If yours does not, you can pick one up at your local hardware store or sewing shop. It is used to loosen and tighten the screw that holds the needle in and open areas of your machine that need to be oiled.

Small Brush- A small brush with stiff plastic bristles is used for cleaning lint and other debris out of your sewing machine. Without proper cleaning these particles may slow down your machine and even cause a jam. You need to regularly clean the bobbin cavity, under the presser foot, and other spaces in your machine that collect lint. Most sewing machines come with this tool.

Sewing Machine Oil- Your sewing machine has a lot of moving parts and, just like a car, needs oil. Sewing machine oil is a light, clear oil that helps keep your sewing machine properly lubricated. Most machines will come with a small bottle, plus instructions on what parts to oil. If you run out, you can purchase more online or at your local sewing shop. 

What kinds of tools do you have in your Machine Sewing Kit? What would you add? 


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