Gardening with Kids: Let Kids Help Prepare the Garden Location

Prepare Garden Location-Spreading CompostShow your kids how to prepare their garden for planting.

The best way to prepare a garden for planting is to improve the soil.  When you improve the soil, it will be easier to dig and turn, have more nutrients for your plants, and hold moisture better. What kinds of nutrients do plants need? How do they use them differently than people? The same?This is a great time to research with your kids and teach them these things.

Start a composting bin or pile.  Teach your kids about the benefits of composting and how to use it and other natural additions to best prepare the garden soil. This is a perfect time to teach your kids about microorganisms and how they affect the soil. 

Use soil test kit to see what your soil needs. Nutrients such as; nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, plus the pH, NPK levels, and soil consistency can all be improved by adding worms and organic material to the garden.

Gardening Activity for Kids: Start a ‘worm box’ and harvest the castings for starting plants. What a fun project to help study soil and how the creatures in it make a huge difference in soil quality. This book is an awesome resource for beginners: Worms Eat My Garbage: How to Set Up and Maintain a Worm Composting System by Mary Appelhof.

Help them get the garden ready for the plants, arrange the plants, plant the plants, fertilize the plants (if needed), water the plants, and pull weeds.  Show them how to use mulch to control weeds and hold in moisture.

Gardening Activity for Kids: Start a compost bin and show your kids the stages of decay when you add your kitchen waste to it. Make compost tea together and talk about organic fertilizers verses synthetic fertilizers. 

After the garden is done for the year, plan the seasonal care with them.

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