How to Wind a Bobbin

How to Wind a BobbinWinding a bobbin step-by-step:

The first thing you need to do, when threading a sewing machine, is make sure you have a bobbin that matches your top thread. If you don’t already have one, you will have to wind one. Here’s how to wind a bobbin.

Spool on Spool PinPlug in your sewing machine and turn it on. Push the bobbin winder pin to the left, if it’s not already there. Place your spool of thread on the spool pin.

Winding a Bobbin thread guidePull the end of the thread across the top (arm) of the machine, through the top thread guide, and wrap it around the bobbin tension disc.

Winding a Bobbin threading bobbinPull the thread back to the bobbin winder pin and thread it through the hole in the top of the bobbin. Hold on to that thread.

Winding a Bobbin pushing bobbinPlace the bobbin spool firmly onto the bobbin winder pin. Keep holding that thread. Push the bobbin winder pin to the right, firmly. You should hear a small click when it is in place. This should stop the needle from moving when you give it power and engage the bobbin winder.

Winding a Bobbin holding threadContinue holding that thread. Press down on the foot pedal to give your machine power. This should wind the bobbin. After it goes around enough to hold the thread on its own, you can finally let go of that thread. Run the machine until you have the desired amount of thread on your bobbin or winding will automatically stop when the bobbin is full.

Winding a Bobbin bobbin cutting threadPush the bobbin winding pin back to the left and remove the bobbin. Cut the thread between the bobbin and the machine. Then, cut the thread end at the top of your bobbin.

Now, you are ready to thread your sewing machine.


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