Mama’s Kidsteaders

I want my kids to learn all about homesteading and homekeeping. I plan to teach them everything I know.

Let me introduce them to you…

These are my kids. They are all unique and have their own talents and interests.

They are homesteading kids. I call them my ”Kidsteaders.”  Home is a place where life slows down and we strive to live simply.


Age 20- Jacob enjoys playing guitar (electric and acoustic), listening to music, writing songs and poetry, cooking, and watching TV. He is always the ‘funny one’ of the bunch.  Jacob is married to his beautiful wife, Devra. He and his wife dream of having a homestead of their own some day.


Age 18- Zachary attends college, likes to play video games, work on his computer, read books, watch movies, and plays electric bass guitar. He helps with outside chores like splitting/stacking wood and weeding the garden. His church youth group and home school friends are very important to him.


Age 18- Graham attends college, likes computer games, playing his Xbox 360, watching movies, reading books, and playing lacrosse. He helps with outside chores like moving dirt/gravel and weeding the garden.  He also enjoys going to his church youth group activities.


Age 14- Hannah likes playing basketball, public speaking, riding horses, party planning, and reading books. She loves to help in the kitchen; using her cooking, baking, and cake decorating skills. Beekeeping is her favorite homesteading project. She also enjoys working in the gardens and is helping her dad build a timber frame barn, where she plans to house her goats in the near future. Hannah is home schooled. She is an awesome big sister to Kaylan and Nathan and enjoys her friends in her homeschool group and church youth group.


Age 12- Kaylan enjoys sewing, knitting, crafts, cooking, baking, dressing up, and watching movies. She likes to read stories of adventure and people who lived in the past like The Little House Series, Anne of Green Gables, and American Girl Books. She loves the outdoors and will go outside nearly any chance she gets. Kaylan is home schooled. Her friends in our homeschool group and her big sister, Hannah, are important to her.


Age 5- Nathan has a big personality and imitates his siblings a lot. He gets his hands in anything that is going on; cooking, gardening, beekeeping, fruit picking, etc. He likes to sing, dance, and be the center of attention. Nathan also loves working with his hands; Legos, Lincoln Logs, and Play Doh are his favorites! If there is a ball to be tossed, he is there! He is a busy little guy. He loves the meat and sweet foods, but will also eat his veggies.

Welcome to our homestead…come and learn with us!