Gardening with Kids: Growing Young Gardeners

Growing Young Gardeners-Crock

Growing young gardeners builds strong memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.

Get them started when they are young. The earlier you start gardening with your kids, the more memories you can create. Some of my strongest childhood memories include gardening.  From a very young age, I remember digging in the dirt, planting seeds, watching them sprout and grow, and eating fresh produce, straight from the garden.  My parents had a garden every year I can remember.

I remember gathering small bouquets of Dandelions, Violets, or Clover to bring in to my mom, just because.  My mom loved this, and I do too!

I remember going for walks with my grandpa to his garden.  He would show me his garden plants, sharing details of each one.  He would try to impress me with the size of his tomatoes, or pumpkins.  He would show me rare plants he had found in his newest seed catalog or that had been passed down for generations.  He showed me signs of the critters that visited his garden for a snack and tips for keeping them away.  We would gather a small harvest, take it to the house, and Grandma would make us a delicious meal.

I remember helping Grandma weed the flower bed or pick strawberries and gooseberries.  She loved to be in the garden and share her stories. 

Most of the food my grandparents ate came from that garden.  They would can, dry,  and freeze as much produce as they could to enjoy throughout the year and  I got to help in the process.  Grandma grew up during the depression and never wanted anything to go to waist, even if she gave it away.

Growing Young Gardeners-Hoeing

These are just a few of the memories I have of gardening as a kid.  I want my kids and grand kids to have similar memories with me.

Growing Young Gardeners: Being outdoors, enjoying  nature, and even gardening  seem come natural to a child.  Start early, plant something, learn together, grow a garden, and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

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