Five Senses in Nature-Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature Scavenger Hunt-DragonflyExploring the Five Senses with a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Mama’s Homestead offers Classes to people who live in the Northeastern Columbus, Ohio area.  This class is for ages 4 to 6.  Minimum of 4 students per group, maximum of 12. The cost is $7.00 per participating student. The class lasts between one and two hours.  To sign up for classes, please email us at

In this class, we will learn about the world around us by smelling, hearing, seeing, touching, and tasting as we explore our Five Senses in Nature.

The kids will explore the outdoors on our Nature Scavenger Hunt, do fun crafts, eat yummy food, and more.

Smell– We will start the day inside, using our noses to enjoy the many good smells of nature.  We will smell items collected from our property, such as; flowers, herbs, sassafras roots, berries, leaves, pine needles, grass, and nuts.

Nature scavenger hunt-Smelling NatureHear– Next, we will listen to sounds of the outdoors and see how many we can identify.  We will hear sounds from; birds, frogs, insects, water, rain, and more.

See– We will first talk about things we will see in nature. Then, it’s outside for a Nature Scavenger Hunt.* Each child will receive a bag to see, collect, and check off as many items on our list as they can.

*Before we head outside, we will go over the items and plants that can and cannot be touched and/or eaten in nature.  For extra protection, please wear long pants, socks, and close-toed shoes.

Nature scavenger hunt

Touch– Back inside, with the treasures we’ve collected, to share them with the group and use some of them in our three, fun hands-on crafts.

Leaf Rubs:

Nature scavenger hunt-Leaf RubsNature Bracelets:

Nature scavenger hunt-Nature BraceletNature Fabric Prints:

Nature scavenger hunt-Nature Fabric Prints

Taste– We will end our day by tasting a few edible treats from nature.  Some of these include; berries, herbs, nuts, honey, and maple syrup.

Nature scavenger hunt-Tasting Nature



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  1. This was such a fun and well organized class! The kids absolutely had a fantastic time and treasured their crafts they took home. I was very pleased with all of the details you put into this class. It definitely made a lasting impact on their minds and hearts. :)

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