Creating Kitchen Workstations

Kitchen WorkstationsSo many things go on in the kitchen at the same time, it can get confusing. Creating kitchen workstations can keep it from being chaotic and feeling crowded. 

Typically you will see kitchen workstations set up focusing on three main appliances; the range, refrigerator, and sink. I base my kitchen workstations on the duties I perform the most and yes; they are usually geared around some sort of appliance or tool I use for the task. You can set yours up for your needs.

Decide what you use your kitchen for the most and create a workstation for each large task.

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These are the Workstations I Use in My Kitchen

Dish/Serving Station- This station includes the cabinets and drawers that hold plates, glasses, flatware, and serving dishes. It is located fairly close to where we serve our food. We mostly serve our meals buffet style on our kitchen island. All of our serving pieces are close by.

Prepping Station- Includes tools used for prepping food for cooking, preferably between the refrigerator and sink. These might include a drawer/cupboard with: knives, peelers, cutting boards, etc. I also have a special drawer near the prepping station with measuring tools in it (separate from the baking station).

Cooking Station- Includes any tools used for cooking. Range (stove/cooktop), cooking utensils, spoon rest, cooking oil, and other foods used for cooking. This station is conveniently located between our range and refrigerator, close to the prepping station.

Baking Station- Includes any tools used for baking, such as the mixer (hand/stand), measuring cups/spoons (separate drawer from the prepping station measuring tools), spatulas, scrapers oven mitts, baking dishes/pans, and oven (if possible). Our baking station is back in the corner of the kitchen where it is out of the way, because one of my kids is usually mixing up a dessert/baked good while I am making dinner. We don’t want to be stumbling over one another.

Clean-up Station- Includes tools and supplies used for cleaning the kitchen, before, during, and after cooking/baking. This workstation includes the sink, dish cloths, dish towels, dish soap, scrubbers, other cleaners, trash can, etc.


Planning Station/Communication Center- This station is used for menu planning, keeping your Recipe Binder and most used cookbooks, storing your Home Management Binder/planner and master grocery list, bill paying, storing keys, etc. This station is very important in my house. I think it is the most used workstation.

How about you? Do you have workstations in your kitchen? If so, tell me about them.

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