Gardening with Kids: Container Gardens for Kids

Container GardensContainer Gardens for Kids

You can add container gardens to your outdoor flower bed, use them on a patio or deck, or make one indoors indoors.

Containers are a wonderful way to grow a variety of plants. 

Grow vegetables on the smallest patio or porch, window sill, balcony, or doorstep. Create a tiny flower garden in a container, grow dwarf trees that bear fruit on your patio, enjoy a window sill herb garden in the kitchen, or harvest vegetables from a barrel on your deck. Have family’s favorite fresh herbs straight from a little red wagon . The possibilities are endless!

Choosing containers for your container gardens:

You and your kids can use hanging baskets, large flowerpots, planter boxes, mason jars, wooden barrels, clay pots, window boxes, boots, shoes, old guitars/violins, wheelbarrows, wagons, wash tubs, and even toy trucks as seen here (very creative), and more. These can all be modified to make the perfect gardening container.

Any container you choose will need drainage. Without proper drainage your container may fill with water and drown your plants. Be sure to drill or poke holes in the bottom and maybe place some stones, newspaper, or paper towels inside.  

Coconut Shell Container GardenHere is a hanging container made from a coconut shell

My younger kids like to paint Terra Cotta pots with Patio Paint.  They use brushes, paint markers, and sponges to paint flowers, and other designs on the pots.  They love to plant flowers in their specially painted pots for their grandmas for Spring Holidays and Mother’s Day.

Fairy Container GardenWe saw this Fairy Container Garden at a festival we went to. My kids are wanting to make one. 

You and your kids can get creative with this one. Container gardens area perfect way to deal with a lack of outdoor space or add more depth to your existing flower beds. 

Do you have any container gardens? Tell me about them.

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