Homestead Cooking with Carol Giveaway

Click here to visit Carol J. Alexander from Everything Home with Carol.  We are giving away a PDF version of this book (a $9.99 value). Now … [Read more...]

Making Plans for a New Year of Homesteading

One of the joys of homesteading, making plans for a new year. I get so excited in January.  This is the time we make our big plans for the rest … [Read more...]

Starting Seeds Indoors

  Over the past few weeks, we have been starting seeds to later plant in our vegetable garden.   The kids love to get involved with … [Read more...]

Grow Things You Can Eat

Grow Things You Can Eat. Fruits, Veggies, and Herbs! Ahhh, my favorite! I love to plant things in my garden that my family can eat.  Food … [Read more...]

What We Plant in Our Vegetable Garden

No food in the world tastes better than the food you grow in your own vegetable garden. We have planted a vegetable garden on our … [Read more...]


Kidsteading is homesteading with kids and homeschooling on the homestead.  We live in the country and are teaching our kids how to homestead.   Home … [Read more...]

Our Orchard

Starting Our Orchard: In the past, we've always gotten fruit from my aunt and uncle and my parents to put up (freeze, jams, jellies, dry), when they … [Read more...]

Our Trees and Bushes Came In

Our trees and bushes came in, time to build an orchard on our homestead. I am super excited! They didn't come in all at the same time, as we feared. … [Read more...]

How to Plant a Fruit Tree

How to Plant a Fruit Tree Location/ Time of Year: Check with your local Nursery or Garden Center for the best location to plant your … [Read more...]