Capturing Nature-Nature Photography Class

Nature PhotographyA Nature Photography Class and Photo Scavenger Hunt for Tweens to Adults

Mama’s Homestead offers Classes to people who live in the Northeastern Columbus, Ohio area.  This class is for ages 11 and up.  Minimum of 4 students per group, maximum of 12. The cost is $24.00 per participating student. This class lasts between two and three hours.  To sign up for classes, please email us at

*Bring your digital camera, tablet, Smartphone, Ipod, or whatever you have that takes pictures.

In this class, we will learn about the world around us as we Capture Nature in our Nature Photography Class and Photo Scavenger Hunt.

We will start our time with a short lesson on capturing nature in photography. We will go over techniques that can be used to get best shots in the outdoors.

Nature Photography-taking picture of hydrangiasNext, go outside to use your new nature photography skills on our Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt. Instead of putting the items on the scavenger hunt list in a bag, you will capture them in your camera to bring back to share with the group.  See how many shots/items you can find or create.

*For your protection, please wear long pants, socks, and close-toed shoes.

Nature Photography-Scrapbook page

Then, back inside to create a few pages of a nature scrapbook to put your future photos on.  Bring your own scrapbooking supplies to share or trade, and/or use some of ours.  We will share scrapbooking techniques and ideas while we create a page or three.


Nature Photography on Mama’s Homestead, some nature photos we have captured:

Wild rabbit playing by the driveway.

Nature Photography-Chipmunk

This little guy was chirping away by the pond, until he noticed I was there, with my camera.

Nature Photography-Turtle

This big guy was in our driveway when we got home one day. I got the camera and followed him into the woods, taking his picture all the way.

Nature Photography-baby deer

We see deer often on our property, usually early in the morning or late in the evening.

Nature Photography-baby bunnies

Baby Bunnies!

Nature Photography-Mama turkey and babies

Wild Mama Turkey and Her Babies


Nature Photography-Tadpoles



Nature Photography-bullfrog

Bullfrog sunning himself by the pond

Nature Photography-Snake


Nature Photography-baby raccoons

Baby raccoons! My youngest son came in the house so excited to show me these little guys hiding in a tree. I grabbed my camera and ran out to photograph them.

Nature Photography-moss on a log

Simple things like moss on a log can be a beautiful thing.

Nature Photography-fall leaves

Fall Leaves

Nature Photography-wild strawberry

Wild Strawberry

Nature Photography-light in trees

Sunlight coming through the treetops

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