Beginning Sewing Class-Kids

Beginning Sewing lessons-kids

Beginning Sewing Class-Kids will introduce your child to the basics of sewing. It consists of a demonstration time, followed by a workshop and individual instruction time. With only two to three students per class, your child will receive personalized instruction that is tailored to their specific needs and skill level.  They will learn beginning sewing skills, then move on to more difficult skills they will use to create a Pocketed Patchwork Pillow that is theirs to keep after class is over.

Sewing machines and tools are provided for use during classes. You may purchase a Pillow Kit from us for $10 more or choose and purchase your own supplies. Pillow Kit includes: fabric, fiber fill, thread, and buttons. Colors will vary.


Mama’s Homestead offers Classes to people who live in the Northeastern Columbus, Ohio area.  This class is for ages 17 and up, with a minimum of 2 students per class, maximum of 3. The cost is $60.00 per participating student (plus kit fee, if applicable).

This class is three 1 1/2-hour sessions.

Schedule Beginning Sewing Classes-Kids:

To schedule classes, please call me (Nelle) at 614-805-8481 or email us at

Beginning Sewing Class-Kids:

How to use a sewing machine

The parts of a sewing machine

Basic sewing terms

Fabric and thread selection

Cutting, marking, and pressing

Using sewing tools and notions

Hand sewing

Preparation for Level 2 Sewing Class



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