About Chris

I grew up in the suburbs of Maryland. I spent most of my time outdoors with organizations like the Boy Scouts. I went camping every weekend and attained the rank of Eagle. I helped to start an Explorer post whose focus was high adventure. I was also a canoe guide and guided backpacking trips into the Greenridge State Forest. I spent a lot of time in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Western Maryland learning how to live off of the land and making the most of my survival skills. The balance of my free time was spent in Annapolis on boats, in the water, academics, and sports . As I graduated from college and started my career and family, it was difficult to find time to go out into the woods. I spent a number of years coaching lacrosse until I felt a yearning to return to the land. We bought a house and property in the country where I could spend time pursuing my dreams. With the encouragement of Nelle, I started homesteading from my point of view which meant projects such as a timber frame barn, a wood shed, a pond, a bridge, drainage for the water logged property, an orchard, perennial propagation, stone walls, and other building projects. My part in homesteading supports Nelle's part. My goal is to be self-sufficient on our property as well as enjoy doing it while keeping the property beautiful in the process.

Building a Woodshed

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Building a Timber Frame Barn-The Foundation

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