Archives for June 2014

Nature Pigment Fabric Prints

We made Nature Pigment Fabric Prints during our study of flower pigments and chlorophyll, but I think it is a fun project for anytime. My kids … [Read more...]

Nature Bracelets

Making Duct Tape Nature Bracelets can be a fun activity for nearly any age child. It’s fun to see all the different combinations and patterns of … [Read more...]

Drying Clothes On a Clothesline

Why Clothesline Drying? Sitting here, reminiscing about the past. I remember watching my grandma hanging her clothes out to dry on her clothesline, … [Read more...]

Clothespin Tag-3 Ways to Play

Clothespin Tag: This is a fun game for all ages and it’s perfect for a hot summer day after you get your clothes on/off the line. It can be played … [Read more...]

Learn About Dandelions

Some see dandelions as despised weeds, wanting to annihilate them from their yards and flower beds.  At my house, we welcome them. We allow them … [Read more...]