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How to Light a Bee Smoker

How to Light a Bee Smoker Just like starting a fire in the fireplace or a campfire, when lighting a bee smoker, start with easily burning materials … [Read more...]

Beekeeping Equipment and Uses

Beekeeping Equipment As you get ready to keep bees, there is some important equipment you will need to get started.  This the equipment I would … [Read more...]

12 Must-Have Basic Garden Tools

Basic Garden Tools: To begin gardening, you need very few tools to start. A trowel and some dirt might do, for now, but as you become a more avid … [Read more...]

Cleaning and Care of Garden Tools

How to Properly Clean and Care for Your Garden Tools I love gardening, but just like all of my other hobbies and chores, there is clean-up involved. … [Read more...]

Basic Sewing Kit and Beyond

Basic Sewing Kit Just as a good carpenter needs the right tools to build a well-constructed house, a good seamstress need the right tools to make a … [Read more...]

Honey Bee Jobs: Her Royal Highness, the Queen

Honey Bee Jobs: Queen Bee Pictured: Queen in queen cage with her attendees  We call the queen "Her Royal Highness" because, frankly, she is … [Read more...]

Honey Bee Jobs: Workers and Drones

Honey Bee Jobs: Drones and Workers Pictured: Worker bees emerging from a hive. When learning beekeeping, one of the most important things to learn … [Read more...]

Beekeeping with Kids

  Spend time beekeeping with your kids. Pictured: Husband (Chris) and Daughter (Hannah) suiting up for beekeeping A few years ago, my … [Read more...]

Beekeeping: What I Have Learned

Beekeeping! Pictured: This is my daughter, suiting up to help with the bees. I've been beekeeping since 1998.  When I started out, I knew … [Read more...]

Beekeeping Class: The Honeybee, the Hive, and the Beekeeper

Mama’s Homestead offers Beekeeping Classes to people who live in the Northeastern Columbus, Ohio area.  This class is created for two … [Read more...]