Archives for February 2011

Natural Cosmetic Uses for Honey

I love to use natural products on my hair and skin.  Here are some fun Natural Cosmetic Uses for Honey! Honey Facial Toner: In a blender … [Read more...]

Mama’s Cornmeal Mush

Mush or Fried Mush, delicious recipe for kids. When I was a kid my mom would make us cornmeal mush for breakfast in the morning.  She would … [Read more...]

Gardening with Kids: Make Gardening a Tradition

I plan to make gardening (and homesteading) a tradition in my family. Gardening has been passed down in our family, from generation to generation. … [Read more...]

Choosing Your Vegetable Garden Location

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Location for Your Vegetable Garden: Garden Size- How big is your vegetable garden going to be?  If you … [Read more...]

Preparing Jars and Lids for Canning

Preparing jars and lids for canning is a very important step in the canning process. The process below is used for glass canning jars and two-piece, … [Read more...]

Gardening with Kids: Theme Gardens for Kids

Theme Gardens for Kids. Making a theme garden for kids is a fun activity and a great way to make gardening even more fun. My kids love coming up with … [Read more...]

Gardening with Kids: Container Gardens for Kids

Container Gardens for Kids You can add container gardens to your outdoor flower bed, use them on a patio or deck, or make one indoors … [Read more...]

Gardening with Kids: Add Fun Garden Structures

Garden Structures for Kids Structure can add interest and fun to your garden! It can be anything you can place outside that won't get ruined or … [Read more...]

Grow Things You Can Eat

Grow Things You Can Eat. Fruits, Veggies, and Herbs! Ahhh, my favorite! I love to plant things in my garden that my family can eat.  Food … [Read more...]

Gardening with Kids: Plant Interesting Plants and Study Them Together

Plant some interesting plants in your gardens that are different and unique. These plants have some unique features kids will like; Snap Dragons, … [Read more...]